Preclinical Cancer Models (Ronen Lab)

The goal of the research performed in the Ronen lab is to develop and mechanistically validate robust noninvasive translatable magnetic resonance (MR)–based biomarkers that can be used to identify oncogenic events associated with cancer, and to monitor response to chemotherapy and emerging targeted therapies.

To this end, our research uses multinuclearMR spectroscopy (MRS), imaging (MRI) and spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) to probe preclinical cell and animal models of cancer. Putative biomarkers are mechanistically validated using established biochemical, cell and molecular biological methods.


2013 Imaging Research Symposium

Myriam Chaumeil receives the Hasegawa Award for excellence in biomedical imaging, October 2013







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Rotations and Post-doctoral Opportunities

Rotations provide an opportunity to explore research opportunities in the Ronen Lab and are currently available in several areas of ongoing research. For further information, please contact Dr. Ronen.

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