Vascular Imaging Research Center

The VIRC investigates the assessment and treatment of vascular disease. Studies are directed at imaging of the vascular lumen and atherosclerotic disease of the vessel wall. Newer treatment modalities under investigation include the evaluation of the performance of bifurcated stent-grafts used in the treatment of aortic disease. In addition, investigators are interested in numerical and flow model studies of hemodynamics. Lab collaborators include imaging scientists, radiologists, and surgeons, and there is extensive interaction with theoretical and experimental engineers at UC Berkeley. MR imaging studies are performed on a state-of-the-art whole body scanner. Other equipment for imaging studies include ultrasound scanners, a laser Doppler velocimeter for high resolution fluid velocity measurements, and a wide variety of physiologically realistic flow models. Computational resources include high-speed computer workstations and computational code for fluid dynamics modeling. The center also has workstations for postprocessing three-dimensional data sets including stereoscopic presentation with depth encoding. 


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